6 Ways to Maximize Your Time at Home

With many states and counties issuing stay-at-home orders in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding themselves with what seems to be an endless amount of time at home. There’s only so many shows you can binge before going mad, so we put together a list of few hobbies you can do toContinue reading “6 Ways to Maximize Your Time at Home”

5 Tips on Working from Home

Across the world, many workers are faced with the new reality of having to work from home full-time to help slow the spread of COVID-19. While telecommuting and work-from-home policies are certainly not new, this format is completely foreign to many people in the workforce. Here at BloomSocial, our team is completely remote. Whether we’reContinue reading “5 Tips on Working from Home”

Three Lessons to Learn from the Bloomberg Campaign

We at BloomSocial would wager that it is impossible to be alive in America and not have seen a Michael Bloomberg ad for his presidential campaign. Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire, former New York mayor is in the midst of an incredibly expensive campaign to win the Democratic Primary in 2020. His campaign spending is likely toContinue reading “Three Lessons to Learn from the Bloomberg Campaign”

Instagram & Facebook Algorithm Changes and How they Could Affect Your Business In 2020

It’s no secret at this point that Facebook & Instagram have algorithms set for their applications which can either make or break your brand. Unfortunately and far more likely, these algorithms are known to decrease engagement if they’re not used properly. In order to help your business gain the favor of the algorithm, we’ve putContinue reading “Instagram & Facebook Algorithm Changes and How they Could Affect Your Business In 2020”

4 Tips to Help Develop Your Social Brand Voice

One of the things about social media marketing that often goes under the table, is using a consistent branding voice. This is the voice that your business speaks from, and helps create a reliable relationship between the customers and the business. Below are some tips to help you find the voice of your business. 1.Continue reading “4 Tips to Help Develop Your Social Brand Voice”

Website Optimization for Tablet & Mobile Browsing

So you just designed your website, and it’s perfect. That is until you see the dreaded “mobile” option and realize you have to start from the beginning to make your business’ website optimal for tablets and phones. Or let’s say you’re new to web development, you know how to code your own website, but theContinue reading “Website Optimization for Tablet & Mobile Browsing”